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Everything starts with

vision & desire

Our journey started with a change, a sudden epiphany of the what ifs of the future. If we were to carry on doing what we were, would we truly be fulfilled enough to say we made a difference? The simple answer was: not even close!

Two brothers

This is where the change part of the journey comes into play. We aren’t just two brothers, we are best friends and have always done everything together. We hang out together, we work together but we also enjoy a huge passion for fitness and clothing. We both knew we needed to make a change with our lives if we wanted to feel truly fulfilled and so Gymvikings was born.

Fitness gave us belief

We both also had the dilemma of not being the most confident of people and always found it hard to believe in ourselves and our abilities. Fitness gave us that belief, that drive and passion and it also gave us help! It helped us connect with a whole community of people who use fitness for their own personal reasons, to improve their self esteem, reduce stress, meet new people or socialise. There are so many reasons why, and that hit home with us in a big way.

The little details

We take huge pride in what we create and we fuss over the smallest details, probably too much! But that’s only because we have standards that we abide by. If it takes longer to create because we want to get it right, that’s what it takes! We want you to have the best products possible and we won’t compromise on that.

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    Passion for fitness pushed us to start Gymvikings to make a change in both our lives and create something to help others reach their goals.

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    The people within the fitness industry vary in so many ways and we believe that’s what makes it great. Everyone is on their own journey and striving to be the best version of themselves.

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    When we want something done right we won’t stop until we are happy with it. We only want the best experience for our customers, and make you proud to be a Gymviking.

Dare to be


The journey is a long one without an ending, and we embrace it, we learn from it and we get better from it. The journey never ends and the story is always being written.